TCA Emerald Award

For Environmental Excellence


The TCA Emerald Award For Environmental Excellence is presented annually to the TCA producer member plant that has best demonstrated environmental excellence and innovative management. TCA strives to recognize the overall stewardship and environmental efforts of our member companies through this annual award. We proudly recognize TCA Producer Members who:

  • Make outstanding contributions to preserving and protecting the environment.

  • Exhibit environmental leadership for the ready mixed concrete industry.

  • Maintain sound environmental management practices in their operations.

  • Install state-of-the-art environmental equipment and/or implement environmentally friendly plant procedures.



The Emerald Award will be granted for each of the following plant production categories:

Small: 25,000 YD3 or less

Mid: 25,001 – 75,000 YD3

Large: 75,001 YD3 or more

Production levels are based on the plant’s total production during the previous calendar year.

Judging Process:

All entries will be judged on merit, submitted information, level of transparency and presentation. Judges reserve the right to not award any category where the minimum standards established have not been met.


Emerald Environmental Excellence Award Criteria:

The applicant should address all items that are applicable from each section or explain why the section is not applicable to the site. One company may submit applications for multiple plants.

For each category you may upload any applicable documents or photos that support your explanation at the end of each section.


Emerald Environmental Excellence Award- Required Information:


Photographs: 10 photographs illustrating the company’s commitment to environmental excellence representing a complete overview of the plant, site environmental system, and process.


Compliance History:
Violations do not necessarily exclude a facility from consideration for the award, however, it does make the prospect more challenging. Judges will fairly consider all circumstances surrounding the violation, the level of response and corrective actions taken by facility management.

Since January 1, 2020, has this plant:

Received any warning letters, notices of violation, or enforcement orders, fines, penalties, etc. from any regulatory body (federal, state, local, etc)? Y/N

If yes, please upload a copy of the letter and any response and/or any corrective actions.


Self-reported any violations of permit conditions or any environmental regulations to a regulatory body? Y/N

If yes, please upload a copy of the report and any additional details.


Received any awards or positive recognition from any external group? Y/N

If yes, please list awards.

Training and Plant Procedures:

Describe the nature of environmental training, particularly any training, inspections, procedures, environmental audits, equipment etc., that exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements.

Water Quality Management:

Do you have a SWPPP for your site? Y/N


Describe how water is managed onsite, particularly any practices that exceed minimum regulatory requirements (water conservation, water treatment procedures, limited discharging practices.)

Air Quality Management:

Discuss procedures for controlling dust at the silos, batchers, loading points, and fugitive dust from roadways and stockpiles.


Explain any inspection and maintenance schedules along with any air quality monitoring procedures, particularly any practices that exceed minimum regulatory requirements.

Waste / Hazardous Materials Management:

Describe the management and/or disposal of excess concrete materials (and pit fines), as well as any other waste minimization practices.


Describe your hazardous materials management program, this might include, but not be limited to: storage and disposal practices, EPCRA reporting (Tier II and/or TRI reporting), etc.

Oil Management:

Is oil stored on site? Y/N

If yes, describe oil storage and handling procedures, including tank capacities and secondary containment.


Does fueling take place on site? Y/N

If yes, define truck fueling procedures and identify the procedures for spill prevention and response.


Does the facility have a SPCC Plan? Y / N / Not Required.

Plant Appearance / Community Relations:

Discuss any housekeeping, beautification, or landscaping of the site, and the subsequent maintenance that exceeds any regulatory requirements.

Explain any good neighbor practices, noise reduction, or any other voluntary environmental related efforts or special projects.


Additional Comments:

Please include any other examples of exceptional environmental stewardship that have positively impacted this facility’s operations and/or community.


Attachments may be used to supplement and support any of the above information. Please name the files in accordance with the question number they support before uploading them to your applicationThe level of transparency included in application materials will be taken into account during the judging process.

If there are any questions or concerns about the application or submission process please contact Donna Thompson at